The moment Piet-Hein Out visited his first circus something magical happened and it was sure his life would never be the same ever again. Despite his young age people were sure to notice his love for this art form.

Aged 16 he sold his first circus picture and from that moment on he has provided the European circus world with high quality pictures. To the point were he became one of Europe’s best circus photographers.

Outstanding-Production was the name under which Piet-Hein started to combine his photography with the creation of graphic designs and websites. He completed his marketing communication studies and worked in the tourist industry before joining a full service marketing communication company in his home town. All this time he had continued to work for circuses as a photographer and webmaster. He also began assisting and advising them about marketing communication.

For well over 10 years he provided and/or assisted several circuses with their marketing, pr, social media, photography and design as well as creation of show concepts, corporate identities and providing acts for business events and circus shows.

He is a well known figure within the European Circus society. For a traditional circus production he was the first to book graduates from both the professional circus schools (Rotterdam and Tilburg) in Holland. No other traditional circus had featured acts from both schools in the same show before.

Another first was his idea to create one site with information about all circus arts in Holland which resulted in the website and magazine. 

Besides his work his biggest hobby is collecting original vintage circus posters. He owns a big collection with over 1600 posters from 1825 to present. Several of his posters have been on display in museums such as the Dutch Poster Museum which was filled from top to bottom with circus posters from his collection.

Piet-Hein Out’s knowledge of the circus and his extensive network make him an ideal partner for businesses and individuals who want to do business with circus.


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